Verify David's Certifications


 For Microsoft, Please go to this link - 
 Transcript ID :  978542
 Access Code : iqMCP888


 For Java - 
 1 - You give me an email address so oracle can send you a verification code.
 2 - I sign on to Oracle and enter your email into the Certification Verification link.
 3 - You will get 2 emails from Oracle, one with a verification code, and another with a link that will ask you FOR the verification code from the 1st email. 
 4 - Oracle will present a page with the verification information on it.


 For ACE - Go to the .
Scroll down to the bottom of the home page.
Under "Get Fit", click "Find an ACE Trainer".
Scroll down to "Is my Trainer ACE-certified?"
enter "david" "Simmons" as first and last name.
You can also, enter my current zip code of 90731 and enter it into the zip code prompt at the top of the same page.
When you click on search, the page will return with trainers within a 25 mile radious, just narrow down the radious
to 5.