In home training and Online support.

My name is David C. Simmons,

I am a Beachbody coach, but I just happen to also be an ACE Certified personal trainer

You don’t need to be a personal trainer or any other type of fitness professional to be a Beachbody coach. I want to tell you why and what I do as a Beachbody Coach. I am a volunteer. What type of volunteer? A volunteer to help you get and stay fit. That’s it, that’s what I do. I do it because I weighed over 260 lb.’s at one time and now, as of this writing I am 58 years old and weigh 205. I volunteer to share my experiences because I know how it feels to be tired of being extremely over weight. Not only did it play with my self- esteem, but it also was unhealthy.

More and more people are using in home CD and video work out programs with on-line support and training. In fact, I prefer working out in a gym when I have a defined workout program. No need going if I don’t know what I need to do when I get there. I learned years ago that a good workout CD gives me the structure I need for a great workout. All I have to do is know what my goals are and select a CD accordingly.  
Gyms still hold their value because they offer services that are not contained in a CD. Friends and people to work out with, hot tubs, swimming pools, cardio and strength training machines, actual personal trainers, free weights, instructor led classes and other equipment are amongst the tools your average fitness facility will usually offer.

 Here are a few reasons why in home gyms, in home CD or video training and online personal training seems to be so popular:

1 – Cheaper – the costs of videos with full blown, professional trainer led, organized workout programs is cheaper than most yearly gym memberships and or many personal training workout plans.

2 – Convenient –  In most cases, almost an hour can be saved from travel to a gym, money saved in gas and time saved getting ready and the convenience of showering at home are added advantages. Mothers like it because they can stay home with their kids.

3 – Use – you can use these CD’s over again and even use one CD from one workout program like Insanity for cardio on two days a week and strength training CD’s from P90X 3 days a week. The fact that Insanity and P90X come with several CD’s means that the combinations can be unique enough to satisfy many workout results.

4 – Some people are intimidated or too embarrassed to go to a workout facility.

5 – No gym hours.

6 – Food is always near by.

7 – You’re the only one in your gym.

Here are some other opinions about in home workouts vs gym’s.

While My Body Science Fitness will still train in gyms because we want to remain versatile, our primary focus is helping people get the most appropriate inexpensive workout possible. We are seeing more and more goals that can be achieved better with workout CD’s.  When someone comes to us for a workout program and they belong to a gym and want to work out a their gym we work with those tools. If they don’t belong to a gym, we suggest and design workouts using the Beachbody workout tools for that.

As your Beachbody coach, you pay for the workout product, but I am free. I give you support, experience and put you in a group that are doing the same or similar workout or goal strategy as you. If you don’t deal with a group, then you deal with me several times a week. I won’t let you down and I won’t ease up on you. But if you stop emailing me, soon I will stop emailing you. If you want to start back up, just send me another email. We can pick up right where we left off. I want to help you.