Why do results vary?

  There are many reasons results doing ANY exercise program will vary, here are just a few .... 

1 - Genetics - Without getting to scientific here, some people are born with genetics that allow fast muscle growth and some are not. But even if you don't have the genetics to grow muscle fast, it does not mean you will not see improvement with a good strength training program. We weren't all meant to look like athletes. I also believe that being overweight and genetics are an issue as well.
2 - How you eat during the program - Lets face it, garbage in garbage out. If you are on a weight loss program, it may take a while to see results if your still eating fatty foods. There is always room to enjoy bad food, but its how often and when (eating certain foods at night) that seems to make the difference.
3 - The amount of effort you put into the program - Being as consistent as possible puts your body on a path to success. 
4 - Doing the exercise routines correctly - If you do a thousand pushups only halfway up and halfway down, you are almost certain to train half the muscles used in this routine. The same holds true for many exercise routines. Take time to learn how to do an exercise routine with good form so you can hit the right muscles completely and avoid injury.    
5 - Your starting point - its hard to figure how long it will take a person to lose a certain amount of weight. For some who are heavy, the weight just starts falling off, for others it can take a little time. If you are already in shape, you may need to workout differently to see different results. If you are looking for huge muscles, are you really prepared to put in the work? There are people who do this for a living you know. And don't forget genetics. 

Just working out without a plan can be a waste of time ....

  There are many people who go to the gym for months without an exercise plan or program. Not only can this be a waste of time, but it could be a waste of money as well. One advantage of Beachbody CD's is that it gives you tried and true exercise programs led by world class instructors. If you spend 100.00 for a Beachbody workout, you can use these exercise programs the way they are suggested, or you can even use some of the exercise routines along with your regular workout. BUT, you can use them anyway you like simply because you OWN them!
   it is a great way to learn how and why to do certain exercise routines. So, you not only get a workout, but you get education, a plan, and when you join Beachbody, you also get nutrition meal planning and information, a message board and forum where you can ask almost anything about exercise and nutrition.
Click here to take a look at video's that demonstrate the different Beachbody workouts!

You made it to My Body Science Coaching, welcome!

  Our Fitness coach stays committed to helping you with your fitness success as long as you stay committed to doing the work. If you have used your in home exercise equipment to hang clothes on or you have exercise video's or CD's that are just collecting dust, then maybe you could use a fitness coach. You will never lose weight without work, that's a fact. Lets start changing your body together!

Changing your body requires a Decision. Changing your body requires a  Commitment. Decision and Commitment can force Success! Change YOUR body!

 My Body Science uses Beachbody workout programs and tools because we believe they are a world class fitness provider. There workout programs and exercise routines are strategically designed for maximum results. Their workouts and exercise routines can be used as suggested, or to supplement your current exercise program.

   The following links are examples of the science behind two of their workouts ... P90X2 and TurboFire!

This video explains some of the strategy behind P90X2

This link gives more information about Dr. Marcus Elliot
Tony Horton explains the difference between P90X and P90X2

The science behind TurboFire

   One thing I hear is that Insanity and P90X are intimidating. I believe the reason for this is because the people you see on the infomercial are in pretty good shape and/or are familiar with the routines. I did insanity and am now doing P90X. I can show you strategies that will help you get the most out of them.The average person will probably not be able to do each routine to perfection. But think about it, this is a good thing. This means you are not done with the CD's , but also means you tried your best - trying your best will work your body very hard - trying your best is the secret behind most of the Beachbody workouts - trying your best is the only way to get success!

  Whatever you do, don't forget that Beachbody has MANY workouts for MOST fitness levels.
Click here to see videos of different Beachbody workouts and their suggested fitness levels